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Meta Ads are Your Spotlight

You’re on show for everyone to see, and just like a captivating a piece of art hanging in The Louvre your brand’s Facebook and Instagram ads need to steal the spotlight.

At PS Digital, we’re not just another ad agency in Perth – our isn’t just making boosted posts that get you reach with no meaning. We curate digital ads that attract your customers through experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Our community and data-driven approach ensures that every Facebook ad strategy we implement is elevating your digital footprint, constructed from research and insights that will drive real results and  community for your business.

When you choose PS Digital, you’re choosing more than just a service; you’re choosing a dedicated team, you’re choosing extraordinary. 

Frequently asked questions.

The best social media platform for your brand isn’t always straightforward. While B2C businesses often excel on visual platforms like Instagram or Facebook, and B2B companies thrive on LinkedIn, there are exceptions to these rules.

At PS Digital, we advocate experimenting with and adapting social media strategy. Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your industry, target audience, and goals to identify the platforms to maximise your brand’s presence.

Growing your social media following is all about consistent effort and patience. Stay active on your chosen platforms, whether it’s Instagram for B2C or LinkedIn for B2B. Focus on posting quality content that resonates with your audience rather than quantity.

Experiment with different approaches to see what works best for your brand. Develop a strategic plan that drives genuine engagement and builds meaningful connections with your followers.

We prioritise strategic platform selection over spreading thinly across numerous platforms. By concentrating efforts on platforms where your brand activity is rewarded, we ensure your brand maximises its presence and makes a tangible return on the content being produced. 

Absolutely! We handle production and post-production to ensure your digital branding is consistent and innovative. Our talented in-house photographers, videographers, and graphic designers are dedicated to delivering top-quality content that enhances your brand’s story.

Whether creating captivating visuals or refining your existing images and videos, we’re here to make your brand stand out.

We’re flexible and ready to collaborate with whatever assets you bring to the table, ensuring your vision is brought to life in the best possible way.

Here’s the deal: while sporadic posting is good for forming initial relationships and engaging with your existing audience, relying solely on it often means your posts get lost in the algorithm shuffle. That’s where a comprehensive strategy comes in.

We specialise in driving consistent growth and engagement across your social channels. Our team knows the ins and outs of effective social media strategies, ensuring your brand stands out and connects with the right audience. Not only saving you time but also delivering you tangible results.


Our approach to Meta Ads is evidence-based

1. Content
& Strategy

Social media advertising isn’t just about boosting your likes and comments. Our approach is to curate experiential content that engages your audience and ultimately converts them from business phantoms to customers and business ambassadors.

Our process for designing ads is collaborative; you have the choice to either select your own ad creatives or let us create an impactful video, image, and written content that truly sets you apart.  

Our approach is deep-rooted in collaboration, meaning that every piece of content aligns seamlessly with your brand identity, voice, and values. 

2. Targeting & Optimisation

Targeting the right demographic is all about experimentation and optimisation. We constantly refine our audiences at multiple levels of your business funnel in order to drive the most value to multiple demographics. By segmenting audiences, their intent and their personas, we ensure your targeting the right audience at precisely the right moment. This approach is rooted in precision and experience, guaranteeing that your campaigns achieve optimal visibility and impact.

3. Performance & Analytics

Our approach to social advertising creatives is driven by data, ensuring that every strategy is informed by insights that deliver tangible results. We continuously monitor performance in-house with specialists to optimise for your specific objectives—whether it’s leads, purchases, bookings, or custom conversions.

From captivating content creation to strategic audience engagement, we’re dedicated to expanding your online presence and achieving measurable success.

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