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How to Add People to your Meta Business Manager

Before You Get Started

Only administrators have the authority to include individuals in your Business Manager. We strongly advise designating most individuals as employees and reserving admin privileges solely for those whose job responsibilities necessitate it.

Exercise caution when considering adding people to your Business Manager whom you do not personally know or trust. Untrusted individuals may attempt to create counterfeit accounts and request access to your Business Manager. In cases where the authenticity of a request is uncertain, we recommend reaching out to the individual to confirm their initiation of the request and to ensure your comfort with adding them to your Business Manager.

Please be aware that Facebook never solicits access to a Business Manager. If a business purporting to be affiliated with Facebook requests inclusion in your Business Manager, it is not a legitimate request. We strongly advise rejecting such requests and reporting them accordingly.

Additionally, third-party businesses are not capable of facilitating your verification on Facebook. If a business claims it can assist in verifying your Facebook business page and requests access to your Business Manager for this purpose, it is not a legitimate request. We recommend reporting such requests. Business verification can only be completed through the Business Information section of your Business settings and does not necessitate granting specific individuals access to your Business Manager. For more information on business verification, please refer to the relevant resources.

It is highly recommended that all users of your Business Manager enable two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is a security measure implemented at the individual Facebook account level, requiring users to enter a unique security code each time they attempt to access Facebook from an unrecognized browser or mobile device. Please note that if your Business Manager was created 90 days or more ago, all business administrators and employees with advertising privileges must activate two-factor authentication on their respective Facebook accounts. Failure to do so may result in restrictions for individuals without two-factor authentication from advertising through any ad accounts associated with your Business Manager.

Adding People to Your Meta Business Manager

To grant access to individuals within your organization:

  1. Access Business settings.
  2. Navigate to the People section.
  3. Select the “Add” option.
  4. Enter the work email address of the person you wish to add.
  5. Choose the role you wish to assign to them. Ensure you review the role descriptions. Options include Employee access or Admin access, and you can explore advanced options such as Finance analyst or Finance editor.
  6. Proceed to the next step.
  7. Specify the assets and task access you intend to assign to the individual.
  8. Click “Invite.”
  9. The individual will receive an invitation to join your Business Manager in their email inbox.

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